Our expertise


A distinguished company!

We control every stage in the life of your project: from design to production, right through to deployment!
Our expertise means we can support, effectively, every step of your project.


We produce 3D illustrations and volume prototypes of all your projects. The experience of our design office, knowledge of materials, and various processing techniques lead our in-house designers to propose more efficient solutions to maximize your budgets.


We are particularly adept at project management, from pre-study to commissioning and deployment. We pay particular attention to safety, ergonomics and eco-design.


All of our manufacturing facilities are located in France, a guarantee of the high quality of our products and services. They are dedicated to the manufacturing of displays and point-of-sale units at the most competitive prices, guaranteeing undeniable quality! As soon as it’s manufactured, your equipment is ready to be shipped to its point of sale!


We are experts in managing your promotions and installations in commercial spaces. From installation to removal, our logistics department takes care of everything!


We have the resources and concrete solutions to assist in organizing your commercial events, including trade show participation and more. We’ll be happy to make suggestions and support you in every step of the way.

Service meticulously tailored to each individual company's needs.

We’ll do our utmost to meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations!